The foreign exchange market is the world's most active and best liquidity financial market. Participants include national central banks, commercial banks, financial institutions, enterprise groups and individual investors. The average daily trading volume of the global foreign exchange market is about US $ 5.3 trillion, Far more than the sum of the stock and futures market, and rapid growth year by year. In such a large trading volume, no individual institutions can intervene in the market.It is the world’s most fair and transparent trading market.

  • T + 0 and 5 days * 24 hours trading opportunities
  • Margin trading mechanism, participation in the transaction with low cost, Improve capital utilization
  • Large volume, real-time transactions, high market transparency
  • Long and short two-way transactions, risk can be controled


Gold and silver are one of the most important financial products and are also rare metals, they have a very high economic value and are the first choice for investors to preserve their assets.When the market volatility turns to a high level, investors can choose to hedge their risk by investing gold or silver. JFM provides metals products trading with flexible leverage and institutional pricing instrument and also welcomes all trading styles including EA’s and full hedging.The metals products trading that JFM provided in dollars as a currency unit, In ounces as a product unit, and the price varies with the market. Investors can buy and sell according the price of precious metals.

  • Flexible trading conditions, ideal for long and short term investment products
  • One of the best liquidity market in the world.
  • Stable and Safe
  • Diversity portfolio, the best hedge tool

Crude Oil

Crude oil is an important energy source in the international market. Energy is the world's largest trading group and one of the most frequently traded commodities. JFM provides a spot crude oil transaction with flexible leverage and 5 days*24 hours trading time for investors.

  • Low risk and high return
  • Easy catching the trading opportunities
  • No repeat quotes, no delay, quick execution trading conditions
  • Low spreads and contains unlimited trading opportunities


JFM provides CFDs including the global Index. Our Directly Market Access system can provides better trading experience. Investors can get high liquidity when trading Index and also hedge their risk.

  • Connecting to the world's top 8 stock index and trading real-time execution
  • Making profit from international stock market volatility through long and short term transactions
  • Buy and sell, Easy controlling the risk.
  • Only spread and no other commission.

jfm mt4


The JFM MetaTrader 4 trading platform is designed for foreign exchange, futures and CFD trading, integrating the world's leading STP bridge technology, anonymously directing traders' orders to the international foreign exchange market. Traders can analyze financial markets through JFM MetaTrader 4, run automated transactions (EA), and copy trading for other successful traders.


Institutional Trader

Institutional Trader

  • Advanced trading tools, smooth trading experience
  • Best liquidity makes best quotes for Institutional Traders
  • Perfect risk controlling system to manager your clients
  • Lower Spreads and better trading experience
  • Set up data centers around the world to sever the Institutional Traders

Introducing Broker

  • high commission struture
  • Provide high efficient CRM system
  • Help IBs building up their brand and developing their market
  • Online to Offline supporting
  • 7*24 customer service support

Money Manager

  • Multi-account management system, one-button orders, no need to repeat the operation
  • Senior Sales support and provide professional trading signal
  • Flexible commission structure and real-time rebate
  • Various trading products and trading portfolio to hedge risk
  • One minute account opening and efficient CRM system
White Label

White Label

  • Customized, exclusive brand
  • One-stop one-stop service, low threshold, high starting point
  • International data sources, top mobility access
  • Independent management, safe, efficient, custom
  • Senior technical support team, escort for cooperation
Trading APIS


  • Integration of global foreign exchange market data and trading channels
  • Seamless docking upstream transactions
  • Stable network channels to ensure that transactions are no delay, no interruption
  • 24 hours online transaction, push online reports in real time
  • Compatible with C ++ and other languages
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